Website Optimization Services

Website optimization is essential to an effective online presence. The internet and your business are constantly changing so your website should be too. We’ll review your website’s content and optimize it for search engine visibility.

Website Changes

  • We can make requested changes to website design, content, and functionality.
  • We can provide you with access to your website to make content changes yourself.

Performance Optimization

  • Routine load speed checks and improvements.
  • Routine checks and improvements for mobile and browser compatibility

Content Development for SEO

  • We analyze and modify your website’s sitemap and content for readability and best practices.
  • We help you create new and effective content for the website.

Technical Practices for SEO

  • Optimization of web page metadata, tags, links, and rich snippets.
  • Management of web pages for search engine appearance and indexing.

Web Services Reporting

  • A summary of website data we’ve acquired and improvements we plan to make.
  • Analytical data about your website stats and usage.
  • Scores of your website’s health and areas to improve on.