Content Development

Written and visual content for the digital world

Those in the business of SEO will often say that “Content is King”. We work with clients to develop written and visual content for numerous digital channels.

Written Content Development for Websites

Not only does the written content for your website need to clearly explain your business, but it should also be optimized for organic search results. Our team will create written content that not only clearly describes your business, but that is also optimized with strategic keyword phrases for SEO.

Written content for your website is a creative and technical process, that is why at OptiRev members from the Marketing and Web departments will work together to create content for your website. The team will strategize keywords, get to know your business, and use a number of tools to measure the readability level of content and important factors such as keyword density.

Visual Content Development

Today not only do you need written content for your SEO, but you need visual assets like custom images, infographics and video. Our team will work with you to create a visual concept, and then depending upon the needs we can execute that plan or work with outside professionals to bring the concept to life.