Hosting & Cyber Security Services

Website hosting means more than just storing some files on a server. We want to keep your website protected from hackers, spam, and perform routine maintenance to make sure everything’s clean and healthy. Plus, you’ll be happy to know we routinely back up our websites!

Web Hosting

  • We store your website files on our server and make them publicly accessible to users.
  • We provide hosting on production and staging servers to effectively test and manage data.

Server & Software Maintenance

  • We keep server-side software (Apache, NGINX, PHP) up to date.
  • We keep CMS software (WordPress, plugins, and themes) up to date.
  • We review logs for errors and suspicious activity. We resolve them if discovered.

DNS & SSL Management

  • We maintain an active SSL certificate for your website.
  • We can modify DNS records for you.

Routine Backups

  • We regularly backup instances of your website database and files

Downtime Prevention & Resolution

  • We have automated systems operating 24/7 that notify us if your website goes down.
  • Should your website go down we can get it back online at no extra cost.

Cyber Security

  • Brute force preventative measures
  • Active server-side firewalls
  • Plus other techniques to protect your website from hackers and spam.