Custom Website Design

An involved design process to build your beautiful, feature-rich website

Need something impressive? Our custom themes are built mobile-friendly using a responsive design. Websites are built on WordPress with unique content and features. We involve you throughout the entire creative process.

Project Creative Process

With a custom website design we involve you in the creative process. This allows you to contribute and approve website content, mockups, and development before it goes live. We research alternative options and collaborate with you before committing with creative direction.

  1. Project Outline: Before we begin we discuss what features will be added to the website. We discuss deadlines, objectives, and who is responsible for project deliverables.
  2. Content & Design: Immediately, we begin the project by discussing your website sitemap and how the content will be organized. Simultaneously, we begin the design research and propose a series of mockups.
  3. Development: Once content and mockups have been approved we begin the website development. Our expert web developers will build a website that includes only your requested features—keeping the site free of unnecessary obstacles.
  4. Testing: Once complete we review the website for potential errors. Minor changes can be made before you approve it to launch.
  5. Launch: Once launched, we submit the website to search engines for indexing. If you have website optimization services with us, we’ll begin discussion of your SEO strategy.
  • Custom Design Features & Specifications

  • WordPress Content Management System (CMS)
  • Responsive (mobile-friendly) design with BootStrap or MaterializeCSS Frameworks
  • Original copywriting, photography, and media
  • Custom branding implementation
  • Website design mockups
  • Original WordPress theme
  • Optional Website Features

  • WordPress Blog
  • Contact Forms
  • Shopping Cart
  • Custom Post Types

Need Something Fast and Affordable?

Maybe this sounds like it’s out of budget—we understand. That’s why we offer more affordable ready-made template websites. Just pick your theme and we’ll set it up for you.