Website Hosting and Cyber Security Services

Website hosting means more than just storing some files on a server. We want to keep your website protected from hackers, spam, and perform routine maintenance to make sure everything’s clean and healthy. Plus, you’ll be happy to know we routinely back up our websites!

Hosting and Server Maintenance

Each of our websites are hosted on one of our servers. Servers run the latest version of Apache and ModSecurity. We regularly monitor server log files for errors or potential issues.

DNS and SSL Management

We use AWS S3 Routing to conveniently manage and quickly server up websites. Our clients receive an SSL certificate so the website can work over HTTPS which is preferred by Google web-browsers and Google search.

Backups & Downtime Prevention

It’s a sad situation when your website fails and there’s nothing to fall-back on. We back up websites daily to ensure we can always restore a recent copy.

We have automated systems which alerts our web team when websites go down. This helps us prevent unknown and extensive periods when websites go offline. We’ll monitor your website 24/7 to make sure it’s always operational.

Cyber Security

We protect your website from hackers using brute-force methods of attack. Our servers are configured with legitimate firewalls to keep cyber attackers out.

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